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While researching and buying the alternative investment vehicle of Non Fungible Tokens in the form of sports cards and art in late February of 2021, Renick had an idea pop into his head. This new media channel paired with investments and technology could be perfect for taking the ART of Cigars to the next level! Collectible Art Cards featuring beautiful photographs and bringing in the details of the cigars in a statistical manner much like a basketball or baseball trading card.


There was only one problem…he had the vision and the Marketing/Investing/Sales background but not the artistic and computer skills. Cue a phone call and ZOOM meeting with Dylan Frehner, a good friend and fellow avid Cuban Cigar enthusiast with a background in Computer Graphics and Photography.


After they bounced ideas off of one another it became clear to both of them that there may be some magic in this little idea…and here we are.

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