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Renick started his love for art with Comic Books…and it grew into a passion for almost all media types and genres.  His own art took a back seat as he turned his attention to supporting those who made art beyond his abilities.  An avid collector of fine art in multiple media types, he often found his appreciation crossed over into the hobby of Cigars.  Specifically hand rolled, Cuban Cigars.  An art form in itself in terms of blend, flavors, vintage, history and skill; Renick often found his favorite time was appreciating artwork such as a painting on his wall or a photograph capturing a moment in time while smoking a cigar and contemplating the art in his hand.

Renick is currently the Associate Director of CNS Marketing and Thought Leader Liaison for Alkermes, Biotechnology. He is a multiple time winner of national awards for the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industry, including; Presidents Club as a Hospital/VA Sales Manager, President’s Club as a District Sales Manager, and the National Outstanding Field Management Award.  Renick is a passionate leader who puts others first and has created multiple Mentorship programs for organizations in order to impact employee development, internal promotions and retention.  He is also a member of the faculty for the Leadership Development Team at Alkermes Biotechnology.  Renick is a graduate of Ohio University and currently resides in Peninsula, Ohio with his wife, Megan and their two daughters.  He enjoys collecting and creating NFTs, baking, cooking, collecting art and and focusing on personal growth in his free time.  Oh…and collecting cigars.


Dylan started his passion for all things design at a young age. It all began with just messing around in free softwares that were similar to photoshop. This was while he was studying International Business at Lynn University. One thing led to another and he finally realized where his true passion was: Graphic Design. Subsequently he took a year off to reevaluate things and ended up back in school at FAU (Florida Atlantic University) studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus in Graphic Design.  This passion has never stopped growing, and to this day he still practices Graphic Design and other art forms. He shares the same passion for Cigars. Cuban Cigars to be exact. The time, culture, and experience that goes into a hand rolled cigar qualifies it in his mind to be its own art form. 



Dylan is currently a UI/UX Designer for a successful tech company in South Florida. He has had his artwork featured in galleries, auctions, and sales in the past 5 years. Dylan is a passionate worker with ambition and drive to always reach ahead and never stop learning. He is married to his wonderful wife, Grace and lives in South Florida. He also enjoys collecting cigars, photography, grilling, playing video games, and anything technology related.      

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